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Thank you, and other pressing matters

Thanks for turning out, everybody. And in addition to commenting, you can all post. Through his Kinjan sorcery, Manolo bestowed on us a genuine multi-author blog. I expect it to last 16 more minutes.

Onto a few stray G/O observations.

Nina Lemone found this. Gaze upon the working-class cred of former Deadspin writer Albert Burneko, who...DID NOT GO TO COLLEGE.


Here he is, responding indignantly to someone who labeled him a bougie twat.

Screenshot: Writing by Dipshit

A “union job” even! It’s like he was a longshoreman!

One response:


Please, Jezebel, stop making “videos” which are just a (non-funny) writer talking to the camera. It’s like making “magazines” out of cardboard, a hole punch, and yarn.



Speaking of videos: This one was also a little forlorn. A post about a video (the trailer for the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules), but Jez couldn’t get the rights to actually post the video 😰. Joan had to send readers off to Sad!


On the positive side, I discovered this lady, Claire Lower, over at Lifehacker. I like her. She’s smart and full of clever hacks. What a good post idea this is:


And last, shoutout to Maria Sherman at Jezebel, for funny photo selection:


Also: This is one of the few things Jezebel does right—these Friday “Tell us your...” posts. Reminds me a little of Gawker.

What have you spotted, out in the wild?

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