Watching Everything Burn
Watching Everything Burn

I just found out I’m anemic and it’s been such a fun week. Not really. I’m starting to feel better, though. Donate your blood, everybody!

I really just wanted to share this meme I saw that reminds me of everything going on around these parts and an unrelated tweet.

First, the tweet.


This is a (former, obviously) Deadspin writer and it makes me feel weird. Click through to get the whole conversation if you want. Like the self-righteousness they all displayed while exiting juxtaposed with the need to sorta...rumormonger is the wrong word? Is it a rumor if it’s true, but if they’re not OUT-out what gives you the right to speculate publicly when your profession is to report the (sports) news? Fans, I understand. (Hello.) But I expected a little more from the people who actually report on these athletes. Maybe it’s naive. I just dislike when fan/stan Twitter and sports news Twitter let their powers combine.

Now, the meme!

Illustration for article titled Hows it going?

If that ain’t this place in a nutshell. Well, every online news outlet. Good meme, though.

Is it Thursday yet?

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