Watching Everything Burn
Watching Everything Burn

Y’all. I can’t. People are out here being racist towards Asian people when the key to minimizing the impact of any illness is to wash yourself and yet...




Who cares about passing on illness as long as it ain’t me!

I’m actually not freaking out about the virus. Thankfully, my rational brain is winning and y’all will never stop me from ordering Chinese takeout. But seeing people be open and proud about not doing basic shit makes me go, “So this will be our Spanish flu, huh?” All because hands get dry sometimes... Like maybe two weeks ago, I saw a (buzzfeed?) writer say that anyone who washed their hands after using the bathroom in their own home is the actual weirdo.



Are you a hermit? Does no one come to your home? Do you just let people touch your pee covered door knobs and counter tops?


Make this all make sense. You can’t because it doesn’t.

This makes me so angry.


I’m on three different meds and have weekly transfusion appts just to try to make my body be normal, yet other people are being not only reckless with theirs but have no care that they will be harming others with their selfish, prickish foolishness.

Wash your fucking hands and get the flu shot.


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